Double Decks and Recent Delays

We’re sorry for the delays on Hopper Buses recently.

This is primarily due to very heavy traffic on the A453 in Clifton, which all Hopper Buses have to travel through each morning when leaving their garage to travel to the University Campuses. Hopper Bus 901 also has to travel through these works on every journey.

Since Monday 17th November, drivers have been leaving the garage up to 30 minutes earlier than they previously did. This should help buses depart on their first journey on time.

There have also been complaints about the use of double decks on the Hopper Buses and how they are allocated. A total of 9 buses are needed each day to run the Hopper Bus timetable and we have 5 of double deck, 4 single deck.

We have agreed with the University to prioritise the double decks on the journeys which are usually the busiest and this is in the following priority order:

  • Hopper 904: 1 double deck all day
  • Hopper 901: 2 double decks which includes the 8am departure from History, 8.10am from Sutton Bonington and 9am from East Drive
  • Hopper 903: 2 double decks with the 8.30am bus from Jubilee Campus prioritised, followed by the 8am (which also runs the 8.45am bus)
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